Key dimensions
1.5m planning grid
2.75m floor to ceiling 1st to 3rd floors
2.85m floor to ceiling 4th and 5th floors
Floors and ceilings
150mm (nominal) raised access floor
Powder coated perforated metal pan ceiling tiles
Air conditioning
EC/DC 4-pipe variable fan coil on the perimeter providing heating and cooling with a 2-pipe variable speed fan coil in the internal areas to provide cooling only
Mechanical services
Internal design conditions
22°C +/- 2°C (Summer) 22°C +/-2°C (Winter)
Electrical services
Small Power 25W/m² plus additional 10W/m² capacity in the switch gear
Lighting 12W/m²-LG7 compatible
Incoming EUC 11kv supply with two transformers and a 500Kva landlord generator
Population density
Occupation of 1:10 per sq m (escape 1:8 per sp m)
3 No 13 person passenger destination controlled (one of which combines as fire fighting and Goods)
WC and shower provision
50:60 male/female
11 showers provided in basement area
Bicycle storage provision
72 Bike racks plus lockers
On 5th and 6th floors
BREEAM Excellent target
Geothermal piles
Rainwater harvesting